What an Inventory Provides

  • Documentation needed to settle insurance claims quickly, fairly and without question
  • A detailed report with photographs or video and descriptions of all property –on paper and CD
  • Automobiles, boats, RVs, cycles and other miscellaneous property are included
  • Updates as new property is acquired – done either by company or homeowner
  • Free insurance review to make sure all property is properly covered
  • Recommendations for most cost-effective protection:  proper values, deductibles, minimize gaps, avoid duplication and unnecessary expense
  • Access to a wide variety of insurance carriers so client can obtain most cost-effective coverage
  • Access to appraisers to make certain that jewelry, fine art, antiques and other valuables are fully covered.
  • Annual review to keep coverages up to date.
  • Simple, easy to understand explanations of coverages.
  • Recommendations for disaster preparedness and recovery, to reduce the amount of damage caused by hurricanes and other disasters, and to recover more quickly after an incident occurs.

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  • Our Mission

    To offer individuals and businesses a way to protect their property so that in the event of a loss or damage, they will recover its full value and quickly restore life to what it was before the event happened.
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