Know what you have!

By admin • December 19th, 2010


Be Prepared with our Three-Two-One Countdown!

Three reasons why people do not get the full value of their property when they file a claim:

  1. They are underinsured.
  2. There are gaps in their coverage due to exclusions, coverage limitations and deductibles.
  3. They do not have records to help their insurance companies settle their claim quickly and fairly.

Two important things you can do:

1.       An annual insurance review can help prevent surprises by making sure everything is current and your coverage is still appropriate.  A review will check these things:

Ø  Changes such as improvements, additions and newly acquired property.

Ø  Deductibles, exclusions, internal policy limits to minimize coverage gaps.

Ø  Re-evaluation of your insurance needs and either add protection if needed, or eliminate coverage that is no longer necessary.

2.       A property inventory can make it easier, fairer and faster to settle claims.

Ø  In the event of a claim, you may be required to submit detailed information about the lost or damaged property.  Most people cannot remember every item they own, and would have trouble providing photographs and details such as when and where it was purchased and its cost.

Ø  A detailed inventory can make thousands of dollars’ difference in a claim settlement and save hours of tedious work.

Ø  Relying solely on memory can be an expensive mistake!

One step you need to take now:

1.       Contact us today to find out how an insurance review and property inventory can give you peace of mind!


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